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The Xchange Economy business that has your safety and security at its core

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  • We understand that safety and security are a very important part of any Xchange and that is why the partnership with CVCheck will help towards ensuring the best experience for our Hosts and Guests. Following is an example of the wonderful benefits of an Xchange and how the CVCheck partnership can give you peace of mind.

    Ludwina, Founder and CEO of The Room Xchange’s adult daughter was at a music festival where she met a friend, Guillaume. He was travelling around Australia on a Working Holiday from Canada. Guillaume kindly gave her daughter a ride home from the festival.

    Ludwina’s daughter and Guillaume then decided they wanted to spend some time together back in Melbourne. Guillaume said he was happy to sleep in his van. Ludwina naturally said: ‘No, no, no… you can’t sleep in your van; please have our guest room.’

    To make him feel at home, they negotiated free food and accommodation in return for a couple of hours of help around the house each day. It was a win-win for both.

    Over a year later, he’s still there and has definitely embedded himself into their family life. He has become someone very special to them and will stay there until he returns home.

    Obviously, they initially didn’t know Guillaume from Adam but Ludwina had a feeling that her guest was going to be a good one.

    That said, The Room Xchange certainly doesn’t expect everyone to have the same level of trust before creating an Xchange. We understand that opening your doors to people you may not know might take some getting used to.

    The Room Xchange is already one step ahead of you. Personal safety is of the utmost importance and we will help ensure that your Xchange experience is a positive one.

    We want to enable and encourage Hosts and Guests to build trust and grow relationships through their experiences with The Room Xchange.

    To ensure a great experience all around, The Room Xchange has teamed up with the leading screening and verification company, CVCheck to streamline the police check process.

    CVCheck has made it very simple for Hosts and Guests to get their police check quickly and easily no matter where they are from. CVCheck’s Police Checks are ordered and delivered online through a very straightforward process.

    It is important that Guests and Hosts add their Police Check to their profile to show others that you have been independently verified. This will give potential Hosts and Guests peace of mind and confidence in selecting you.

    CVCheck added, “Every month at CVCheck we verify around 20,000 police, employment, financial and traffic checks globally. We are delighted to be working with The Room Xchange to help deliver a secure and rewarding platform to connect people, helping build trust and grow honest relationships”

    Get your CVCheck today.

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