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Setting Up Your Free Account

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  • Welcome to The Room Xchange community. You're on your way to changing the way you live.

    Safety and security is of the utmost importance for all our Hosts and Guests. We've put a few steps in place to ensure everyone feels comfortable interacting with each other. We hope you think it's worthwhile to ensure the best experience for everyone.

    The first step is based around the information we’ll ask you when you register. This will include your full name, DOB, postcode and a strong password to keep your account safe. We will then ask you to verify your email address before you can begin creating your profile. This helps to eliminate potential problematic people, spammers and scammers.  We find that people whose intentions aren’t in line with The Room Xchange won’t be bothered taking these steps as they’re not likely to provide that type of information.  

    Here is a downloadable pdf of the instructions with images to show you how.

    Below is a video to demonstrate how.

    So, let’s go through the process of filling out your registration form which by the way will only take about 2 minutes.

    • Click on ‘Register’.
    • Select whether you are registering as a Host or a Guest.
    • Although we’re only operating in Australia at this point, if you are from outside of Australia and you’d like to be updated when we begin operating in your country, please click ‘Outside Australia’ and pop in your details. We’ll notify you of when we’re in your neck of the woods.
    • If you’re ‘not ready yet’ but want to stay in touch, there’s an option for you too.
    • Let’s click on the Host button. By the way, Host and Guest require the same information.
    • Your first name and surname must be written as they appear on your government photo ID that you’ll be using later on to get your Digital iD. (More on that later) Therefore, if you add this information incorrectly, it won’t match up later on. You will however, be able to edit it within your profile, but let’s get it right the first time. If you like to go by a different name other than your legal name, then add that in the ‘Preferred Name’ field. For eg: Your birth name may be Julia but you like to be called Jules. This is the name that will show up on your profile, not your legal name.
    • Add your mobile without the country code.
    • DOB as it’s displayed here.
    • Postcode – add your postcode and then select the matching suburb from the dropdown list. This is important because if you don’t click the suburb from the list, the form won’t complete and you won’t be able to submit it.
    • Gender and email is pretty straight forward.
    • When selecting your password, for your security, please don’t use a password that you usually use. Use a mix of letters, numbers and symbols that is between 8 and 16 characters long. Choosing a series of words that you’ll easily remember with a symbol and a couple of capital letters is always an easy way to go. Such as TodayIsMy26thBirthday! If you get stuck, click on the little ‘?’ symbol as it has some tips on setting a good password. Make sure you repeat and confirm your password.
    • After you’ve ready our privacy policy, marketplace terms and conditions and website terms of use, select the button. Please take some time to read them. We took a lot of time to write them for you.
    • Although the next button is not mandatory, it helps us immensely if you can please select how you found out about us. It helps with our marketing and digital spend.
    • Select ‘I’m not a robot’. This step eliminates spammers which is important for keeping our database clean.
    • Submit!

    Once you hit the submit button you’ll see a page asking that you go to your inbox, find the email we just sent you and click the orange button in that email. It will verify your email and prove it’s you. If, however you have difficulty finding it, it’s probably hiding in your spam folder. Now, go back to the website, log in with your email and password and start creating your profile.  

    You can log in manually with your email address and password or you can now log in using Facebook or Google +. Once you log in the first time with either of these social media platforms, it means that you can always log in in the future just by clicking the social media platform you logged in with before. It’s fast and easy and means you don’t have to remember your email and password. 

    The Room Xchange Team xxx

    PS – If you still need some help, simply email us at and someone will get back to you asap.