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9 Simple Ideas that will keep your Home Organized on a Weekly Basis

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  • We asked our friends from ‘Finer Details’ if they could share some tips on how our Guests can help keep their Host home organized and clutter free.

    They’ve come up with some simple ideas that can really make a difference. So, Guests, if you’re not yet used to managing a household and want to have some structure and order to it, keep these tips handy.

    9 simple ideas for keeping your living space well organised:

     Have less – the less you have the less you need to organise. Don’t store items that have no useful or emotional value

    Tidy as you go – picking up items as you walk past and putting them away saves on big clean up days and maintains things in order

    Hang washing on coat hangers – it saves on ironing, folding and you can fit a lot more on the line

     Multi-task – while the kettle boils, empty or fill the dishwasher, wipe the benches, do a shopping list

    Make your bed – it sounds simple, but it can really make your whole room look a lot tidier

     Drop zone – this is ONE spot in your home where you always keep your bag, keys etc. Anything you want to remember to take with you that day goes there too

     Clean up as you cook – this alleviates a big pile and mess when you are finished

     Keep flat surfaces clear – benches, tables, chairs, beds aren't dumping grounds for paperwork etc. Everything should have a home and be put there straight away

     Paper mail – walk past the bin after you collect the mail and put anything you don’t want straight in there. The rest goes to your office, desk or action station until you have time to read and deal with it

    Putting simple processes in place can save hours of time. The average person wastes 2 weeks a year looking for lost items!  What could you do with all that extra time?

    Happy organising!

    Article written by:

    Heather Gibson


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