Sustainable Fashion and Wardrobe Styling

    Sustainable fashion refers to apparel produced, consumed and disposed of in ways that ensure minimal damage to the environment. It’s also based on the rights and fair wages of garment workers.


    New Face of Homelessness - Housing Stress

    What if we could prevent homelessness by helping people find accessible and affordable housing right at the beginning of housing stress?


    Is work life balance achievable?

    In this highly connected, digital world, is work/life balance really accessible? Add to that the additional pressures of the high cost of living and you've got work and life moulding into one.


    The Room Xchange wants to ease the high cost of renting in Australia

    “When you look at what’s available in terms of affordable housing for people on low incomes, it’s just not there,” Dautovic says. “We need to be coming up with solutions for the younger generation".


    How to Verify who you are with Digital ID on The Room Xchange

    All of our users go through a vetting and verification process to ensure a safe and secure experience on our platform. Digital iD is a verification technology by Australia Post.


    How Can We Design Alternative Models Of Living?

    As the housing affordability crisis reaches epic proportions it’s time to consider alternative modes of living. The Room Xchange is a way to utilise the millions of spare bedrooms in Australia.