Baby Boomers Becoming Empty Nesters

    Within twenty years it is expected that couples living without children will make up almost 40% of households in Australia, which can largely be attributed to baby boomers becoming ‘empty nesters’.

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    The Future of the Australian Housing Market

    But this isn’t just a problem for millennials – it is directly going to affect baby boomers in the coming years. When baby boomers were the same age as the millennials today, many took advantage of re…


    Short-term Xchanging for guests

    Now you'll have the opportunity to share your superpowers in a short-term Xchange. If you're on holidays or travelling for business, short-term is an ideal way to find accommodation.


    Short-term Xchanging for hosts

    The Room Xchange is excited to announce a new tech update! We are now offering short-term Xchanges! This will now give hosts the opportunity to experience an Xchange for as little as a week.


    What’s your Superpower?

    Everyone has a superpower. Whether you’re a wiz in the kitchen, an organiser or bi-lingual. It usually stems from a natural interest or passion. We often take it for granted or don’t see the value.


    LGBTIQ elders can lead the way

    I remember the day I stood at parliament house in Melbourne, with my young adult daughter and watched the vote come in for gay marriage.It was a historical day for the LGBTIQ community.