Xchange your spare room.

Get help around the house.

What people say

"Half of our property is listed on Airbnb which has created a lot of additional work for us and were finding it hard to manage it. Having an Xchanger here helped us to prepare our Airbnb space which enabled us to better manage our property. It's also a great way to use resources, meet new people, try new things and open up a new world of friends and family."

Grant and Robyn - Airbnb Hosts

Help managing our Airbnb

8 Month Xchange

"As an ex-housesitter, it is glorious to have a permanent spot, not moving every week and I've achieved more in my business in one month than I had in the previous six months put together. I finished my book; released and launched it all in the 8 months I've been Xchanging. The best thing is, I had a place to call home. I highly recommend it."

Tracey Hunt - Author and Business Owner

Tired of house-sitting

8 Month Xchange

"We both work from home, in a rather large house that takes a lot to maintain and little time to maintain it. Instead of downsizing, we'd prefer to share so Xchanging suits us. We're able to share what we have, get the help we need and at the same time, we get to learn more about people from other cultures and lifestyles. The support is amazing and we get to help someone at the same time."

Harry and Lou - Entrepreneurs

Busy Entrepreneurs needing help

Hosted 4 Guests

"Being a guest is a wonderful way to share your life and passions with other people. Whether you can speak another language, are a secret home Master Chef or just love connecting with like-minded people, it is a great opportunity to expand, share and learn from those around us. Plus, with the high cost of living and housing, The Room Xchange is offering a way to live better and smarter."

Nicola Collins - Employed

Lonely and costly living on her own

10 Month Xchange

"If you've got a spare bedroom and you need some extra help around the house, then The Room Xchange is a great solution. It's so wonderful to come home from work every night to a tidy house. It also gives young people a way of having some independence without the high cost attached to it. If you've got a spare room, I'd recommend giving it a go."

Grant - Business Owner

Needed general help around the house

6 Month Xchange

"You get to make lifelong friends and create a second family. They're there to take care of you and you're there to take care of them. I've got a second set of parents. They were really kind to me and literally transformed me in ways I never expected. It's a very special bond and an extraordinary experience that everyone should have."

Guilllaume - International Traveller from Canada

Backpacker needed to save money

18 Month Xchange

"I was going through a separation, finishing my PhD and I had no job or accommodation. I found The Room Xchange and moved in with my host a week later. In the 8 months I was Xchanging I finished my PhD and gained a part-time job in my host’s business. I've recovered from a difficult situation, saved myself a lot of financial grief and the best thing is, I feel like I’m part of their family."

Andrew Butler - PHD in Astrophysics

Separated, studying and nowhere to live

7 Month Xchange

Xchange your spare room and
change the way you live

Get your weekends back

Stop spending your spare time doing the odd jobs or housework and start spending your time doing what you love to do. Like…have an afternoon nap, read a book or binge watch your favourite TV series. After all, weekends are for relaxing aren’t they?

Keep your family home

Just because your kids have flown the coup doesn't mean you have to downsize. You’ve worked hard for your family home and have built years of memories. Why not fill the house with a fresh perspective and an extra set of hands to help maintain your home.

Have more family time

It's tough juggling the kids, work and maintain your home. Not to mention the endless drop offs and pick ups. Get an extra set of hands and have the space to enjoy the time you have with your family. Or go to the gym, get your hair done; the possibilities are endless.

Tick off your wish list

Having an Xchanger means you can start doing the things you always wish you had time to do. You can start planning your adventures on the weekends, get your wish list ticked off and leave the worries of the world behind you.

Tick off your 'to do' list!

Imagine finally getting you endless 'to do list' ticked off? Get out your notebook and start your list now. What would be doing if you didn't have to do all of that? Watch a movie, spend time with your kids or simply do nothing!

Help for your elderly parents

If you're sandwiched in-between caring for your elderly parents and your own family, use your parents spare room to get some help. A Guest can share meals, drive them to appointments, help with chores, cook some meals and keep them company.

You’re in safe hands

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Could you be a host?

Don't downsize - share

Even though your children have grown and left, you're keeping your family home. However, it's a big job keeping the house clean and maintaining the garden. You just need an extra set of hands to keep it on track.

Working long hours

You're working very long hours, building your career and often come home to an empty, cold apartment with no food or company. It would be nice to have some company along with an extra set of hands to help you manage your personal life.

Elderly and need some support

The Sandwich generation are parents with elderly parents and young children. The dual responsibility and managing work is often too much. If your parents have a spare bedroom, help them find an Guest and get balance back in your life.

Busy families

With the high cost of living, high mortgages, limited and affordable child care, it doesn't leave us with many options. Unless you have a spare bedroom. Use that room and get the affordable, in-house childcare you've been craving for.

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