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Revolutionising the way we live

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  • Success is never an overnight phenomenon and leadership is a like a mountain with no top.” Ludwina Dautovic

    Our CEO and Founder, Ludwina Dautovic, was featured in 'Team Women Australia' moderating a conversation with women from different backgrounds, cultures, experiences and interests to redefine leadership from traditional hierarchical models of status, title and credentials to embracing diversity, self-expression, courage and compassion.

    Their purpose is to empower women to realise their own self-expression as a leader.  

    Whether it’s advancing as a leader in their career, business or entrepreneurial path, speaking in public, writing a book or building a school in Kenya ~ TEAM Women Australia is daring women to lose the doubt, guilt and perfectionism to design and live a life that is true to their authentic and full potential.

    They're experts in producing and curating stories, events, workshops and programs that tap into women’s unique values, strengths and talents to ignite their passion, grow their influence and amplify the impact they have with their families, communities, organisations, society and the world!

    Read Ludwina's valuable lessons on leadership here.