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The Room Xchange is an online platform that connects busy, time poor Hosts with Guests who provide two hours of help around the house each day in Xchange for food and accommodation. The value to the Host is the personal time they gain back. The value to the Guest is they massively reduce their cost of living.

The Room Xchange is the easiest and most secure way for people to use their extra space as a resource and connect with a growing community of like-minded people who want to experience independent living, without the high cost. An Xchange is so much more than just getting your time back and cost-effective living, it is about de-stressing your life, getting the time back for things that are important such as spending time with family, connecting with friends, taking the time for your health, going away on the weekends and doing the things our busy lives often prevent us from doing.

The cost of living has left many of us with high mortgages and long working hours to service the costs. However, it's not unusual to have a spare bedroom in modern homes. That spare bedroom is a cost centre, yet many sit idle and empty. By Xchanging your spare bedroom with a Guest at The Room Xchange, you can begin to not only get some much needed help around the house but some of your much deserved time back as well. You can use that time for yourself, your loved ones, to start a hobby, read a book, get a massage or write a book. Whatever you'd like to do instead of what you have to do such as cooking, cleaning, laundry, doing everyday errands or gardening.

But it's also so much more that. By becoming a Host you are opening your front door to new experiences that enrich your life. You'll build relationships with people from other cultures and lifestyles which in turn will broaden yours and your households ideas and understanding of the world at large. You'll be positively affect the life of another person and give them the opportunity to minimise their cost of living by contributing to your life, and in turn, making their life better. You will genuinely be changing the way you live - for the better.

Incomes have not increased to match the high cost of living. This is leaving many people financially challenged and unable to afford to live. However, we have many Hosts who live in homes with a spare bedroom that could do with two hours of help each day in Xchange for food and accommodation.

Xchanging is ideal for local and international university students, young adults who want to leave home but can't afford the rent. Long term travellers who want to experience what it is like to live with a local and meet new people.

It's also a great opportunity for people who are in between stages of life. You may have lost your job, recently divorced or perhaps just wanting to take some time out for yourself until you figure out the next step. Or you may be an entrepreneur who wants to dedicate all their cash into their latest business idea.

But it's also much more than that. It creates a sense of community and belonging that you just can't get living on your own. It's also valuing the planet as you're using resources that already exist - an empty spare bedroom. The best part of it is that you create new, life long friends who will affect your life in ways you never imagined.

You will genuinely be changing the way you live - for the better.

We want the Xchange to be fair. We’re aiming at middle-class housing in terms of Hosts because that's where the need is. We came up with an equation based on renting a room in a house such as this including food and utilities. The amount worked out to be around $375 a week. Divide that by $25 an hour, which is a fair rate for household chores and it equates to 15 hours a week. We’ve rounded that off to 14 hours a week or 2 hours a day. Some households are smaller and might not require 2 hours a day, so they can agree on 10 hours a week and the Guest can pitch in for food.

An Xchange can last as long as you and your Host/Guest agree on. The longest we've known of so far is 18 months. We recommend staying a minimum of one month because it obviously takes time for your Guest to get used to your home and used to you as well. However, we find, an average, an Xchange can be anywhere from 6-12 months and there will be a variety of reasons why the Xchange might end. Sometimes the Guest decides they want to move on, particularly when they are traveling long term. There could be changes in their work and they can now afford to live independently. We don't often hear reasons other than that on why people move on. Sometimes the duration of the Xchange can change again. It is completely up to the Host and the Guest to negotiate that. Click here to watch our Founder talk about the length of Xchanges.

We have a number of ways for you to have all your questions answered.

An Information Pack we can email you. Blog articles you can read and testimonials are on most pages of the website from other Xchangers. You can book a call with one of our Customer Care Team. Engage with our community on Facebook and Instagram. Watch any of our explainer videos and testimonials on YouTube. You can attend one of our regular webinars. (The dates will be in your monthly email updates once you register.) We are here ready to help whenever you need us.

There is no money Xchanged hands between the Host and the Guest. It's an Xchange of time for help.

There is no charge to create your profile, search or connect with other users. Up until this point, it's totally free.

Once you have booked in an Xchange, there is a once off $99 admin fee and then a monthly recurring payment of $60 from the first day of your Xchange. The once off admin fee overs the administration of our platform, overheads and operational costs. The monthly user fee of $60 covers you for our $10m public liability and bodily injury insurance policy, our customer care support and the continued use of our platform for further Xchanging.

For less than 4 coffees a week you could totally change the way you live.

We have a dedicated page on our Pricing Policy and Insurance Coverage.

Once you find someone you'd like to connect with, simply click 'connect' and they'll be notified that you'd like to chat.

If they like your profile and they accept your request to connect, you can begin chatting in our secure internal messaging system.

If that goes well and you're ready for a phone call or face to face meeting you can provide each other with your phone numbers and go from there.

If all goes well and you decide to Xchange, you both need to book the Xchange via the platform for the duration of the agreed time. This will show that you're currently in an Xchange by blocking out your calendar and will also ensure that you're covered by our insurance policy.

Here are some tips on questions to ask your potential Xchanger.

The first thing you need to do is register your FREE account which will take you about two minutes.

It's an easy process, but should you be a little tech challenged, smile... we have an article with a video that will take you through each step... easy.

Once you have registered and verified your email address, you can then log in and create your profile. You need to 100% complete your profile, which includes your Digital ID from Australia Post, before you can view other profiles and connect with users. This is a safety mechanism that ensures all users have been verified and are transparent in their approach.

You can always contact the team if you have any questions here.

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